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1. Equal partnership

Effective teaching happens when a teacher and a student form an equal partnership.


At my first lesson with a student, we set long-term goals together. My students also choose how many minutes they practice each day. 


My hope is that because my students have a say in what they learn and in how much they practice each day, my students will be motivated to learn.

2. Motivation

I expect my students to be motivated to practice. I do have an incentives system in place, but if a student doesn’t practice, I’ll ask parents to help with practicing. 


I am also motivated to continually improve my pedagogical practices, and I welcome feedback from students and parents. I hope that motivation on both my part and the part of my students will result in mutual learning.

3. Service

I believe that serving others is an integral part of a person and a community’s well-being. I provide my students with service opportunities when they perform. Recitals are typically at an assisted living home in Utah Valley. I hope that my students realize that their music can help those around them. I also hope that my students realize they are much needed in their communities.

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