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Welcome to my studio! I look forward to embarking on a musical journey with you and your child. I hope to help my students achieve their musical dreams.


What can you expect from me?

  • Individualized, goal-oriented lessons

  • Positive learning atmosphere

  • Instruction in technique, sightreading, repertoire, and an area of the student’s choice (e.g., piano competitions, jazz, composing, sacred music)

  • Responding quickly and communicating in advance

  • Keeping up-to-date with pedagogical practiceslocal competitions and music service opportunities. 

  • Travel to families' homes 

  • Open to feedback

What do I expect from my students?

  • Practice five days a week (Students decide how many minutes they practice each day.) 

  • Have goals for piano and a desire to improve

What do I expect from parents?

  • Encourage their child(ren) to practice their weekly assignments if necessary

  • Respond to me in a timely manner

How much do I charge?

  • My rate is currently $25/lesson, lessons are 30 minutes/week

  • I do not offer a sibling discount

How do parents pay me for lessons?

  • Venmo

  • Payment is due every week, I don't mind sending a request if parents forget

What is my lesson cancellation policy?

  • If families notify me of a lesson cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, they still need to pay me for that lesson. 
  • I do not offer make-up lessons. 
  • If I cancel a lesson, the family does not need to pay for that lesson.

What if one of my students gets sick?

  • Depending on how the student is feeling, options include:
    • Wearing a mask
    • Virtual lesson over Zoom, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger
    • Asynchronous lesson (send me videos)
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